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Vancouver island dreamy couples session

This session is a great example of "good things happen to those who wait". We originally booked this session at the beginning of spring with a vision of a dreamy open field and a beach-side adventure. However, Mother Nature had different plans during March and April which consisted of dreary weather.

Let's face it... Vancouver island is known for lots of rain. Don't get me wrong, rain sessions can totally be a vibe and can be captured beautifully *cough* *cough* The Notebook, but this wasn't the vision the couple and I had in mind for this session.

May brought us such a surprise with 20+ weather and spring coming in full swing. Birds chirping, wildflowers growing and best of yet those golden hour evenings were happening again.

I love to send out a questionnaire and get to know my clients before we shoot in person, and something I learned about Jenna and Billy is that they love to spend time together outdoors and this spot at East Sooke Park is the perfect combination of where land meets sea, so I knew it would fit the vibe of what this couple was looking for!

We met up a couple hours before the sun was setting and starting chatting about our interests, fur-babies and favourite music genres!

Once we started shooting I instantly fell in love with this couple and they way they enjoy each-other to the fullest. We started in the open field and got some shots of walking, standing and sitting. I also had to include a couple piggy-back ride prompts in there since those are some of my favourite! Once we finished up in the field the couple changed outfits and we walked a couple minutes down to the water. They kicked off their shoes and got their toes in the sand as they held hands and ran along the edge of the water! By this time the golden light was peeking though the trees and creating the most beautiful shadows along the sand, so we stopped for some romantic and soulful shots and then continued more with candids as these two enjoyed each-others company frolicking along the beach.

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